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      • Bold360 - Keyboard Shortcuts and Multiple Work View  (02:10)

        Learn about Bold360's Keyboard Shortcuts and Multiple Work View

        Bold360 - Notifications  (02:20)

        Learn about Notifications in Bold360.

        Bold360 - Canned Messages and Slash Commands  (02:41)

        Learn how to use Canned Messages and Slash Commands with Bold360.

        Bold360 - Text Editor  (02:04)

        Learn how to use the Text Editor with Bold360.

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      • Bold360 | Self-Service  (01:21)

        With Bold360’s intelligent self-service, customers quickly find the answers they need without having to contact a human agent. Traditionally, finding an answer on a company website meant scrolling pages of FAQs, but with Bold360’s self-service chatbot, customers can simply ask what they’re looking for, and the answer will be presented to them. Finding answers and getting the help they need has never been easier for your customers. Learn more at Follow for all things Bold360: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn -

        Bold360 | Routing to a Human Agent  (01:47)

        Bold360’s customer engagement solution makes the transition from chatbot to human agent a completely seamless experience. The full history of the interaction is carried over to the agent, so the customer never has to repeat themselves. Bold360’s artificial intelligence continues to support this engagement even after passing it off to a human, and the agent can also provide feedback to the smart advisor, improving results with every interaction. Whether talking with a chatbot or human agent, Bold360 makes it easy for your customers to get the answer they need. When bots and humans work seamlessly together, your customer wins. Learn more at Follow for all things Bold360: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn -

        Bold360 | Building a Knowledge Base  (01:37)

        The biggest hurdle with artificial intelligence is building a repository of answers for the AI to draw from. But with Bold360, building that knowledge base is faster and easier than ever. Existing FAQs can easily be imported, and our clean and simple interface makes it easy for any business user to create new articles from scratch. With Bold360, building your knowledge base is quick and painless, so AI can start helping right away. Learn more at Follow for all things Bold360: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn -

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      • Bold360 | Reporting & Analytics  (02:07)

        With Bold360, you never have to guess how you’re doing. Key KPIs and actionable insights are right in front of your eyes with overviews and snapshots. Or drill down into key KPIs to discover actionable insights. Detailed report results pinpoint when customers are experiencing friction, so you know where to take action. With Bold360, you have control over every rule and setting, so you can make any changes that you see fit to improve your business metrics. Learn more at Follow for all things Bold360: Twitter - Facebook - LinkedIn -