Bold360 ai 4.74 release notes

Redesigned Search Optimizer

Voices in the new Search Optimizer are now displayed on a single page and are grouped to Unresolved, Resolved, and Muted categories.

Note: To use the new Search Optimizer, you must have the Enable Enhanced Search Optimizer account feature enabled. Contact your Customer Success representative for further information.

In the new Search Optimizer, you can do the following:

  • Create a new article for an unresolved voice by clicking Create new article
  • Mute unresolved voices directly from the Search Optimizer by clicking Mute voices.
  • Assign an unresolved voice to an article as a phrasing
  • Search and filter voices at the top of the page

Use Quick options for a conversational article in the Article Editor

For conversational articles, you can now define whether you want to use Quick Option buttons for a question directly from the Article Editor. When using quick buttons for a property (that is for a question), the widget displays results to the customer as a list of options to choose from. If you believe that your customers would see too many buttons as options, you can simply disable Quick Options while editing a conversational article, without editing the related entity.

Note: If you disable quick options for a property in the Entities editor, then you cannot enable it in the Article Editor.

View dependent Entities of a conversational article

On the Entities setup page, you can now see all dependent entities that are referenced from a selected entity. These dependent entities are parameters in the widget URL, such as[]. In this case, Account is a dependent entity, from which the id property is referenced. By displaying dependent entities, you will have a better understanding of what properties compose the entire Entity.

Console security improvement

The Bold360 Console now uses an httpOnly cookie whenever authorization is required, such as for admin sessions and Facebook sessions.

Scaling images for proper display on different mobile device screen resolutions

When using the Bold360 ai Mobile SDK for Android, images are now scaled properly on customers' Android devices.

Avatar placement is now configurable in the Bold360 ai Mobile SDK for iOS

You can now define where to display the Agent's avatar. For more information, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.

Customer typing notification displayed for Agents in the Bold360 ai Mobile SDK for Android

Agents can now see whether a customer on an Android device is typing. For more information, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.

See the new features that the previous release introduced: