New Features in Bold360 ai

Bold360 ai version 20.2.7 contains the following new enhancements:

Bold360 Mobile SDK releases

The following Bold360 Mobile Harmony versions have been released:

Enhanced data sanitization

If knowledge base managers find personally identifiable information in user queries, they can now report it in the Bold360 Admin Console. For more information, see How can I report that I found personal data?.

Account managers then can review these marked queries and either remove the mark for personal data from the query if it doesn’t contain personal information or remove the query if it contains sensitive data. For more information see How can I remove personal data from Bold360?.

New Widget Preview in Article Editor

The widget preview in the Article Editor is now a real floating widget. It now supports the presentation of content in both conversational and search mode. To see the article in one of the configured widgets, select an option from the drop-down above the widget preview. All future enhancements to the widget will immediately be available in this preview as well. For more information see How to use the widget preview in the Article Editor.

Letter Count in Article List and Article Editor

Users of the Bold360 Admin Console now can see the article’s length in the Article List and the Article Editor and use this data for purposes of analysis. The letter count is available as follows:
  • As a new column in the article list under Knowledge Base > Articles
  • Above the Content area in the Article Editor
The letter count shows the number of characters with spaces in the given article.

Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.

Label filter on Interactions by Labels Dashboard

Note: This change is only visible to customers who have Business Insights enabled. Contact your Success Manager to enable it for you.

The hierarchy of labels available in the Label Editor is now reflected in the Label filter on the Interactions by Labels Dashboard.

Personalized content on Microsoft Teams

When users ask questions on Microsoft Teams, now they can receive personalized answers. For example, if Bold360 is integrated with a third-party ticketing system and the agent asks the How many open tickets do I have?, Bold360 can deliver a response that is specific to the user.

To enable personalized answers, select the Enable Nanorep Entities for the Microsoft Teams channel you configured under Touchpoints > Widgets > Messaging applications. Then create articles with personalized answers using Entities.

See the new features that the previous release introduced:

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