New Features in Bold360 AI

Bold360 AI version 21.7 contains the following new enhancements:

Business Insights reporting enhancements

New metrics

As part of the ongoing enhancements to our Business Insights reporting, we’ve added the following metrics for tracking performance of the Voices Dashboard:

  • Number of Engagements
  • Number of Interactions
  • Engagements self-service score
  • Interaction self-service score
  • Engagement timeline
  • Interaction timeline
  • Deflection rate
  • Customer effort score

Tool tips for BI widgets
As part of the new Business Insights reporting on the Voices Dashboard, additional details are displayed as tooltips when hovering over the reporting widget.
Description of each metric is available in Business Insights reporting widgets
Description of each widget metric is available as a tooltip in the corner of each Business Insight widget dispalyed on the Voices Dashboard.
Smart Advisor engagements do not generate additional engagement counts in Business Insights reporting
AI Welcome Messages is removed from interaction reports for improving reporting accuracy

See the new features that the previous release introduced:

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