New Features in Bold360 ai

Bold360 ai version 20.1.3 contains the following new enhancements:

Note: These features are available on servers in India only.

Filter offline articles when adding phrases in Search Optimizer 2.0

You can now filter offline articles when adding voices to articles as phrasings in Search Optimizer 2.0.

To do so,

  1. On the Voices > Search Optimizer 2.0 page, select an unassigned voice.
  2. In the Details window on the right, start typing the name of an article in the Seek a match for these Voices field.

    Offline articles are marked with an Offline tag in the Search results.

A warning is displayed if you still want to add a phrase to an offline article.

Save all changes in Support Center page templates

You can now save your changes on all Support Center page templates at once. To do so,

  1. In the Bold360 Admin Console, go to Touchpoints > Support Center.
  2. On the Page Templates tab, change multiple templates.
  3. Press Ctrl-Shift-S to save changes in all templates.

Phone number validation in pre-chat forms

After chat escalation in conversational widgets, customers can only type valid phone numbers; otherwise, the field is marked in red and customers cannot start chatting with a live agent. Besides numbers, the following characters are valid in the phone number field:

  • Plus sign: +
  • Minus sign: -
  • Asterisk: *
  • Hashmark: #
  • Comma: ,
  • Semi-colon: ;
  • Brackets: ( )

Bold360 AI Mobile SDK releases

The following Bold360 AI Mobile Harmony versions have been released that are described in the Bold360 Developer Center:

Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.

Less frequently used buttons hidden in the new UI design

Some buttons, which are less important or less frequently used, such as Delete, are hidden behind a More (…) icon in the new UI design.

See the new features that the previous release introduced:

Bold360 ai 20.1.2 release notes