New Features in Bold360 ai

Bold360 ai version 20.2.1 contains the following new enhancements:

Note: These enhancements are available on servers in India only.

Customers can exit the waiting queue by filling in an unavailable chat form

Important: You must have a Bold360 Agent account to use this feature.

While customers in a Harmony widget are waiting in queue to chat with a live agent, they can exit the queue. As of now, when the customer clicks the End chat or X button in the header of the widget, the following occurs:

  • If canceling the chat is enabled for the customer, an unavailable chat form is displayed. This chat counts as abandoned in reporting.
  • If canceling the chat is disabled, the widget closes. This counts as a finished chat in reporting.

To let your customers cancel chat escalations, in the Bold360 Admin Center, go to Channels > Chats > Automatic Distribution and select Enable exit from queue. For more information, see

Bold360 AI Mobile SDK releases

The following Bold360 AI Mobile Harmony version has been released that are described in the Bold360 Developer Center:

See the new features that the previous release introduced:

Bold360 ai 20.1.9 release notes